“Follow your heart.”

Austin + Ally | Season 2

Austin & Ally Team - «We have a big, long future ahead of us.»

“I need you.”

Ally Dawson

"I just want you to be happy”.

– Austin Moon

I guess I’ve always had this music in me… I just needed you to bring it out.Ally Dawson

Title: Laura Marano Radio Disney Take Over Hour 3 (part 2)
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Includes Laura calling Vanessa and being incredibly adorable. 

Hour 1. Hour 2. Hour 3 (part 1)Hour 4.

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Ross Lynch meeting Laura & Vanessa Marano - KCA’s 2014

“I’m a little smarter than Austin.”Ross Lynch on his difference with his character, Austin Moon

"Ross is a sweetheart, even though he called me dorky.” “Adorkable! I changed it to adorkable.”

Laura Marano + Ross Lynch m&g